List of Breeders

When looking for a prospective breeder it is best to contact the breeder and get to know what their expectations are and what the terms of their contracts are.

The expectation and desires of someone seeking a puppy should be clearly communicated to the breeder so an appropriate match can be made. Much can be learned from those who have acquired puppies from breeders and this information is often shared on social media and the websites of the breeders. Joining breeder groups is highly recommended.

Good breeders will have DNA tested their breeding dogs for genetic diseases or be willing to let you DNA test a puppy you wish to purchase. Puppies who are carriers of recessive diseases are perfectly fine as working dogs, sports dogs or companion dogs. Please contact the science advisor for information about genetic disease testing or visit our DNA testing page.


( By Country & Alphabetical order)

Canadian Cobar Coolies – Ontario, Canada
Website        Email      Facebook


Snowy River Koolies – Ontario, Canada
Email       Website      Facebook


Dare To Run Koolies – Canada
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Wildwood Koolies – Missouri, United States
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Big Wave Koolies – Hawaii, USA


Kitty Hawk Koolies – Washington, United States
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Arrow Australian Koolies – California, United States
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Once in a Lifetime Dogs-Australian Koolies – Austria
Website      Facebook        Email          Instagram

Avondale Koolies –  New South Wales, Australia
Website      Facebook


Allambie Koolies  – Queensland, Australia
Website      Facebook


Arnikka Koolies – New South Wales, Australia
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Forfarhill Koolies- New South Wales, Australia


Imrie Creek Koolies – Queensland, Australia


Jamanera Koolies – New South Wales, Australia
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Kaptivate Me Koolies – Queensland, Australia
Facebook      Website


Killarah Koolies – New South Wales, Australia
Website      Facebook


Kuitpo Koolies – South Australia


Scenic Rim Koolies – Queensland, Australia
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North Koolies – Poland
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Meadowfield Koolies- Germany
Phone: +49151 51500883

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Working-Squad Koolies – Germany
Facebook      Website        Email

SwitzerlandSummerfield Koolies – Switzerland
Phone: +41 79 701 19 23 

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